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Classes, games, and exercises for the development of fine motor skills

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There are many activities, games, and exercises for the development of fine motor skills. They can be divided into the following groups: finger games, games with small objects, modeling and drawing, finger massage. Articles about child development in the Montessori system as well as Montessori games will also be interesting.

Consider the most simple and effective games:

  1. Palm massage

This is the easiest and most versatile for any age method of developing fine motor skills. With your finger, slide your hands around the baby, stroke and massage them. Accompany your actions with funny songs.


  1. Clap your hands

Since childhood, everyone knows “Clap your hands” games. These activities will teach the youngest to straighten fingers and clap their hands.


  1. Tearing paper

This exercise is suitable for children from 7 months. Give your baby a few sheets of soft colored paper. The kid with pleasure feels it, will start to twirl in hands and to tear. This exercise will entertain and develop.


  1. Turning pages

After a year, tearing the paper can be replaced by turning the pages of some picture book or magazine.


  1. Beads

Children like to sort out small items, which is very useful. Therefore, you can put on some beads with beads of various sizes and shapes. The child will be happy and interested to touch them with fingers.


  1. Stacking and sorting toys

These toys are useful as they can be stacked, put them into each other. This game forms the concept of the size of the objects to a child.


  1. Cereals

Put any cereal in a bowl and give it to your baby. This game develops fine motor skills and tactile sensations.


  1. Jars of cereals

Put different cereals in jars and let the child take turns to lower each hand into each jar. So he or she will be able to probe different grains and take them with fingers. You can complicate the task. Before the child’s eyes, bury some small object in the cereal and give a jar. Let your child try to find this item.


  1. Drawing on the sand

Put sand on the Art Light Activity Box. Take the child’s finger in your hand and run it on the sand. You can start with simple shapes – lines, rectangle, circle, gradually complicating the task.