Art Light Activity Box Full Set 5-in-1

Art Light Activity Box (Full Set: 5-in-1)

Art Light Activity Box (Full Set: 5-in-1)

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Art Light Activity Box (Full Set: 5-in-1)

This is the All-in-One Multi-Functional Art Light Activity Box for children, ages 1 to 8 years old. Think of it as a smartly designed alternative to your child’s everyday play table that can be used on most surfaces, or as a tabletop unit.

Being a very mobile tool, it can become a must-have play item in your travel and vacations because this Art/Activity Box is able to contain/carry all the required things, in order to entertain your kid anywhere you go.

As soon as your child is bored with one of the activities, the boards can be easily switched out, and the new creative play begins.

The full set includes:

  • A deep highlighted sandbox for playing with loose materials, or for using it as additional storage space.
  • Blackboard or slate board for writing, drawing with chalk/ chalkboard markers. Whiteboard for writing and drawing with water-based washable markers.
  • Clear acrylic board for painting, sculpting, transferring drawings.
  • Acrylic tray for playing with liquid and loose materials.
  • World map or city landscape playboards for role-playing games.
  • Dustpan and brush for quick cleaning.
  • Remote Control to change colors and brightness.

The Box features a super-strong acrylic panel that evenly distributes light aross the play surface. Backlight for playing can be highlighted with 10 different colors, in order to make the process more interesting. The LED backlight is energy-friendly, 100% safe, does not contain mercury vapor, does not create harmful blink, also eliminates electric shock. Rated for up to 50,000 hours,  ETL listed for use in the US and Canada.


27 lbs


20 × 29 × 6 in




Material Acrylic



Primary Material


Country Of  Origin




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