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Why painting is so useful for a child?

In Painting for kids

During painting, a kid works out the accuracy of the hand`s movement, develops fine motor skills, coordinates its actions with vision.

When children painting, they are free from restrictions, so this type of activity is closest to them. They focus all the attention on the process, and at this time they develop independence, organization, the ability to plan everything, the desire to do this job as best they can.

It is impossible to teach creative insight, but it is possible to facilitate its occurrence without the help of an adult. Mom should show how one thing takes many shapes, how to mix colors.

Mixing colors, children feel that they are the creators of their favorite color. Even mixing only two colors, you can not get the same color twice. The world of a child is colored with dozens of colors, vocabulary gets enriched.

It is very important to encourage everything new, unusual, interesting in painting, to accept the fantasy and invention of a child.

Children pictures should be posted on the wall.  Young artists can be proud that their work brings joy not only to them but also to other people.

You can paint with the most unusual material: Crayons, school and wax crayons, gouache, watercolors, oil paints, pastels, bricks, cobblestones, paints on glass, charcoal, felt-tip pen, pen, berries, pencil crumbs. Well and, accordingly, on a great variety of materials: Paper of various shapes (triangular, round, square), album sheet, large and small sheets of wallpaper, plywood, cardboard, asphalt, velvet paper, egg, stone, fabric.

In addition, you can also draw with different parts of the body: draw with your fingers, make handprints and feet, taking a pencil or brush with your feet and teeth.

Help your child to feel the full range of painting opportunities. All these techniques will develop the creativity, sensitivity of the fingers, the emotional sphere of the child. Therefore, we suggest painting!

The painting also helps to develop speech. Even before they start to depict something concrete, they already “tell” about their scribbles and see familiar images in them.

During painting, children often comment on what they depict, and the drawing becomes a living picture. It is necessary to carefully listen to the stories of the kid and ask leading questions, to be interested in the characters, plot, and details.

Drawing for kids: age matters

A kid who already sits confidently can be given paints. Of course, fingertips one. Spread the paper in front of, show how to dip a finger to the paint.

0-2 years. Meaningless doodles and strokes, involuntary lines, inflicted in chaotic disorder.

2-3 years. Shapeless images that are visually similar to the early drawings, but now the little one is trying to find meaning in her work.

3-8 years. Schematic images. At this time, the child makes drawings based on certain canons (heaven and earth in the form of stripes at the edges of the sheet, lack of perspective and real ratios of objects).