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The development of fine motor skills plays an important role

In Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are the ability to perform small and precise movements with hands and fingers as a result of coordinated actions of the most important systems: nervous, muscular, and bones.Β  The field of fine motor skills includes a wide variety of movements: from simple gestures (for example, to seizing toys) to very complex movements (for example, to write and draw).

The development of fine motor skills plays an important role in the overall development of the child. Fine motor skills develop already from early childhood. First, a baby examines the hands, then the baby learns to control them. First, kids take objects with the whole palm, then with only two (thumb and thumb) fingers. Then the child is taught to properly hold a spoon, pencil, brush.

Fine motor skills have a very important feature. It is associated with the nervous system, eyesight, attention, memory, and perception of the child. Also, scientists have proven that the development of fine motor skills and the development of speech are closely related. And this is can be simply explained. In a brain speech and motor centers are located very close to each other. Therefore, when stimulating the motor skills of the fingers, the speech center begins to be activated. That is why for the timely development of the child’s speech, great attention should be paid to the development of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills directly affect manual dexterity, handwriting, which will be formed later, on the child’s reaction speed.

According to the peculiarities of the development of fine motor skills, the child is later judged on his readiness for training in a school. If everything is in order, then the child is prepared for learning to write, knows how to think and reason logically, has a good memory, concentration, attention and imagination, coherent speech.

Fine motor skills develop gradually, this is an individual process and it passes at its own pace for each child. At first, the movements of the baby are awkward, inept and disharmonious. To help your child improve fine motor skills, you need to play developmental games.