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Activities and exercises for the development of fine motor skills

In Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills develop gradually, this is an individual process and for each child it passes at its own pace. At first, the movements of the child are awkward, inept and disharmonious. To help your child improve fine motor skills, you need to play developmental games with the kid. Here some useful exercise to have with  your kid at home.

Activities for the development of fine motor skills


  1. Pea

You will need a pea and a jar with a removable lid. Show the child that you first need to remove the lid, then take a pea with your fingers and put it in a jar, then close the lid. Ask your child to do the same. Do not be discouraged if the first time does not work. Show your child the whole chain of actions slowly several times and then the will be able to repeat everything. Active kids are quickly bored with this game, in this case, you do not need to force them. Offer your child a different game.


  1. Screwing the caps

Such a simple exercise, as screwing and unwinding the lids of cans, bottles, bubbles, develops dexterity of fingers. Offer your kid different size and shape, it will make the game more diverse.


  1. Fastening, unzipping and lacing.

This exercise will not require any additional toys. Gradually involve the child in the dressing process. Let kids fasten the buttons and zippers. This will not only develop hand movements but also teach the child to be independent. Give your child some unnecessary shoe with a lacing, which will be an excellent trainer for hands.


  1. Sculpting

Sculpting is suitable for children of different ages. For modeling are suitable clay,  play-dough, dough. When you are going to bake something, be sure to involve the child with you. Kids really like to knead and roll out the dough. In addition, they will be proud to help the mother.


Exercises for the development of fine motor skills


  1. Drawing and coloring

It is very useful to trace the outline of pictures consisting of  lines or digits, as well as to color objects of various shapes. It is very useful to draw on vertical surfaces: a wall, a board, a mirror. Therefore, it is advisable to hang a special board for the kid for drawing.


  1. Collecting mosaics and puzzles

Different puzzles and puzzles with large pieces are chosen for children under 3 years old. Puzzles also train the imagination.


  1. Cutting

Buy baby scissors, glue stick, colored paper, and cardboard. Cut pictures, stick them, make snowflakes, etc. This will not only develop fine motor skills, but also spatial imagination and creative thinking.


However, it is worth remembering one simple thing. Games for the development of fine motor skills should be supervised by adults. Otherwise, the child may swallow some small part or choke it. To play games and perform exercises that develop fine motor skills, you need to repeat them systematically. Work with your child every day and soon you will notice that the movements of your baby become more and more smooth, precise and coordinated each time.