Dear Customers and prospective users!

Welcome to the world of creativity with our Art Light Activity Tables and Boxes!

It is not just a box or an activity table, it is a whole art space for your children to find new ways to be creative and bring their ideas to life.


  • Different activities and sensory games at Art Light Activity Table / Box help develop speech and other important skills.
  • The working area is large enough for two children, allowing them to play in pairs.
  • Art & Play Table / Box helps kids feel free from restrictions. While focusing their attention on the process, children independence, organizational skills and their passion for creativity.
  • The more various activities your children have, the wider a range of their possibilities.
  • It is safe to use without adult supervision.

Made with love

Each activity table/box is unique and handmade. Inside there’s is a deep sandbox with the smooth bottom equipped with the LED remote controlled color changing backlight. A perfect area for children to enjoy playing with kinetic sand, beach sand, play-doh, any loose materials (such as grain and beans), water beads and so on. It is also good for constructive play and any water games using a plastic container.

In order to expand the possibilities of the table we offer several additional unique cover boards that are placed on top of the sandbox:

Clear Acrylic Board Included in both Set

  • Painting on the board with any washable markers or paints. You can also use acrylic paints, gouache, finger paints, window markers, etc;
  • Sculpting and modeling with play-doh;
  • Playing with colorful beads and mosaics;
  • Tracing drawings.

To add a little magic to all these activities, simply use the remote control to highlight the background with any of the 10 different colors and shades.

Our board is made of a 100% safe acrylic glass to prevent it from breaking and has rounded corners for safety.

Double-sided Black & White Playboard Included in The FULL set

  • The Blackboard side with a slate surface was designed for writing and drawing with chalk and chalkboard markers;
  • The Whiteboard side with a smooth white surface is good for writing and drawing with water-based washable markers;
  • It’s a fun way to study, write and doodle;
  • Try it and you’ll see how it can diversify the process of studying and developing;
  • Plus, it is easy and fast to clean.

Double-sided City Landscape playboard

Art & Play Town and a World Map Playboard

Included in The FULL set

  • This two-in-one playboard encourages kids to use imagination and develop different skills and abilities as well as to invent different stories, make their own rules and play games, all of which promote speech development;
  • It is an easy and fun way of learning colors, world continents, animals etc. It is good for entertaining up to 3 kids at a time.

Cleaning & Maintaining

To help your activity table/box retain its appearance for a long time, please clean it up after each play. Use a small dustpan and a brush for any loose materials and sand.

Keep the table/box in a dry place to avoid humidity.

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