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Development of fine motor skills of kids 3-4yo

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Development of fine motor skills of kids 3-4yo

The development of fine motor skills of children of 3-4 years old helps not only to improve the coordination skills of the kid but also contributes to the formation of beautiful and clear speech. One of the teachers and young kid development researchers said that the children mind lives at the tips of their fingers. And this beautiful metaphor has a lot of scientific explanations. Psychological research has shown that the development of finger dexterity has a beneficial effect on almost all thought processes – speech, memory, attentiveness, etc.

So will consider how we can promote and support our kids at this age?

Development games which improve kids’ fine motor skills have been already understandable for them in this age but any new information should be provided in an accessible game form.

For the development of motor skills, teachers recommend paying attention to the following types of activities:

  1. “Circle the subject.” This exercise not only improves the fine motor skills of both hands but also develops the child’s artistic abilities. The task is very simple – ask the child to circle around the contour of any suitable object, for example, your own palm, the bottom of a glass, etc.
  2. Finger theater. The development of fine motor skills in this age should be accompanied by an exciting game because at this age, children are no longer interested in simply sorting or pouring objects. Play with the child in the finger theater, which will permanently draw the attention. Finger toys can be sewn independently or you can buy a ready-made set. Coming up with actions for your character, the kid will train his fingers well, making them more flexible and agile.
  3. Snowflakes and paper figurines. In 3-4 years, the child already knows how to use scissors, so it’s time to teach him or her to cut snowflakes and paper figures. Finished crafts can be painted with colorful paints, what also has a good effect on the development of fine motor skills.
  4. “Little musician.” Playing musical instruments perfectly develops fine motor skills of hands, and also has a positive effect on the mental processes of the kid. If you did not plan to teach your child music at such an early age – buy him or her a toy instrument (piano, guitar, flute), mastering which will improve the child’s motor skills. In addition, fine motor skills can be developed with the help of other creative activities – drawing, sewing, modeling clay, dough or kinetic sand.