Crafts and drawing with colored pencils

In Arts and crafts for kids

Have you ever sharpened colored pencils? Most likely, you do this regularly. And when the sharpener is filled, what are you’re doing with its contents?

With these “waste” you can create a real masterpiece of art! I want to suggest you a lot of ideas of simple and complicated crafts from colored pencils shavings.

To create a real masterpiece you need:

  • Sheets of paper;
  • Glue stick;
  • Napkins to remove the waste of glue;
  • Colored pencils, pens, and markers;
  • Sharpener and shavings from colored pencils;
  • Something heavy to press.

Useful tips for crafts with pencil shavings:

  • Select the image you like and make a layout on a piece of paper.
  • Sort out long shavings from colored pencils by color and length.
  • Apply glue to the desired area.
  • press the shaving to the glued area, wipe off the excess glue, if it appears.
  • We put the final art piece under glass or cover it with any other press that will be easily separated from it with glue residues.

To master the technique of this craft, it is better to start with simple and small projects, gradually increasing the complexity. Other parts of the image can be made in another technique: draw or cut out of colored paper.

In New Year holiday season, it will be great to decorate a hand-made postcard or a letter to Santa Claus with a pencil shaving Christmas tree. It does not have to be just green: multi-colored looks even more fun. Try to decorate it with beads or any other small details.

Another interesting tip is not to glue the pencil shavings completely, just along the inner edge to get more voluminous images. Perfectly obtained this technique you will be able to create floral arrangements.

From large pencil shavings, you can create a “real” rose.

Crafts of colored pencil shavings look like the texture of animal wool and especially bird feathers. Let’s be inspired by these beautiful projects to create a real masterpiece!

Also, it fits perfectly to express fish scales, this feature can be successfully used and inspire you to make something special.

This technique you can use for any projects even with boys. For example, a spaceship or rocket. And if you take a colored metalized paper it gives the work a festive mystery.

Do not think that this craft is interesting just for toddlers. Famous artists use the “waste” of colored pencils reaching truly perfect results. Look at the portraits of famous people by artist Kyle Bean (Kyle Bean).

With the shavings you can create magnificent ballroom dresses for princesses and beautiful ladies.

We wish you the inspiration to create something really great!