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Welcome to all people who help kids to develop themselves and learn in a new creative way.
You will agree with us that the sensual sphere is very important in our life, both for adults and for our children. And it is necessary to take care of its development since childhood.
Today we are starting a new series of articles about sensory play. There will be a lot of ideas. And maybe, you can offer such wonderful games to your children, grandchildren, have fun and interesting time with them, find exactly new ideas for creating with them.
Of course, pictures and pleasant sounds, delicate aromas have great importance, but it is tactile sensations that are most powerful and significant. By the way, our skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is a tactile knowledge that helps babies to begin their acquaintance with the world. And it can be called leading throughout the entire period of preschool childhood.
And now we realized how important it is to give these feelings to children.Β sand-sensory-play-for-children
So why sensory play is so important for our kids?

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