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Sand drawing is not only an unusual kind of art but also an effective and very popular method of art therapy.

Sand therapy as a way of working with the emotional sphere of the child is widely used by psychologists, psychoanalysts, as well as teachers and speech therapists. Today, this activity of pedagogical and creative orientation is available to any family who has an Art Light Activity Table/Box at home.

Sand as a material for sensory and educational games has several advantages. First, it is pleasant to touch it, it helps to relax, relieves emotional tension. Children love to play with loose materials, so it is perfect for activities with kids who do not like to learn at all.

Secondly, this material can be used as a solution to various problems. Drawing with sand helps to develop fine motor skills, sensory, creative thinking; when the kid draws with both hands, it contributes to the development of interhemispheric asymmetry.

Thirdly, the sand eliminates the fear of failure. This is important for children with increased anxiety. And if something does not work, you can always pour the sand and start over.

This activity helps to cognize of the world. A toddler is excited about the creation process of pictures with colored sand because with it helps the child gets acquainted with the texture and shapes of the materials. Dry sand can be even more interested than dry sand.

Esthetic enjoyment. The drawings made with sand are original and beautiful, they can embody all the fantasy of a small author.

Emotional component. Psychologists recommend drawing the whole family. This is a great opportunity to socialize and engage in collective creativity, which will definitely enjoy everyone.

Practice shows that kids who are engaged in sand drawing, not so much exposed to get stressed. During this creative activity, kids relax, get rid of negative thoughts and tension. As a result, the nervous system becomes stronger, sensitivity and aggressiveness disappear.

Sand drawing has an excellent influence on the physical and psychological development of the little artist. Children can create sand pictures at any age. Best of all, if adults join the kidsย  – to create joint masterpieces.

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3 SAND OPTIONS for the best touch games!


Natural quartz sand
Powdery texture gives an extraordinary tactile softness and lightness! You will be able to create with it the most beautiful sand paintings.
The grains of sand touch the fingertips, feel the tenderness!
Sand can be reused.
Touch pleasure at your home!
Use different colors for creative and interesting pictures

sand games kids


Larger than natural quartz sand.
It is great for loose games!
Its texture is more contrast, with the game achieved a light micro-finger massage.

It is magic sand with fundamentally new properties!
It stretches, as if spreads out, perfectly molded, remaining dry! It is pleasant to knead like dough, the most beautiful shapes and castles are made of it.
It is used for high-end games “PRINTS”
If you have not tried cosmic sand yet, you should definitely touch this MAGIC at home with Art Light Activity Box or Table


But that is not all!

For a variety of sensory games, we suggest using –
Hydrogel balls (or orbic balls) are jelly balls, which, being saturated with water, turn into a delightful sensory pleasure.
If your child is still in the period when he or she tastes everything, we play under supervision.
Pebbles, shells, marbles – for your unlimited imagination in the presence of sets of shells with starfish, natural painted sea pebbles, glass marbles
Well, everything you want or can fantasize
Also, the greatest thing is artificial snow for winter sensory boxes.

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Now you can find a huge variety of kinetic, and other kinds of sand in stores. They have different colors, textures and shapes, suitable for sand art for kids.

Even the most common sand is a great material for sensory games.

Kids and parents enjoy using it.
You can dig and knead it, you can play a fairy tale in it, make moats, watch the water flow away, cook soups and bake cakes from wet sand, build castles and tunnels, create worlds, mold figures.

You can organize a treasure search, archaeological excavations. Summer is a wonderful time for all these games, warm spring and autumn. But in cold weather, it is worth bringing the sandbox home. Our activity tables and boxes include a deep sandbox for safe and clean playing with sand at home.

It will be much more interesting for home games, to play with small pebbles and beads. Also, it is very important to combine materials with different properties and texture. Your kid will learn to feel the world around ย through tactile contact, to distinguish features.

You can build worlds, fantasize and search for treasure in the sand, sculpt it. And you can also draw with sand. Our light tables and boxes are highlighted with 10 different colors. Drawing with sand on a highlighted board is a relaxing and calming process. Your children are able to express themselves and develop their creativity.