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Have you ever sharpened colored pencils? Most likely, you do this regularly. And when the sharpener is filled, what are you’re doing with its contents?

With these “waste” you can create a real masterpiece of art! I want to suggest you a lot of ideas of simple and complicated crafts from colored pencils shavings.

To create a real masterpiece you need:

  • Sheets of paper;
  • Glue stick;
  • Napkins to remove the waste of glue;
  • Colored pencils, pens, and markers;
  • Sharpener and shavings from colored pencils;
  • Something heavy to press.

Useful tips for crafts with pencil shavings:

  • Select the image you like and make a layout on a piece of paper.
  • Sort out long shavings from colored pencils by color and length.
  • Apply glue to the desired area.
  • press the shaving to the glued area, wipe off the excess glue, if it appears.
  • We put the final art piece under glass or cover it with any other press that will be easily separated from it with glue residues.

To master the technique of this craft, it is better to start with simple and small projects, gradually increasing the complexity. Other parts of the image can be made in another technique: draw or cut out of colored paper.

In New Year holiday season, it will be great to decorate a hand-made postcard or a letter to Santa Claus with a pencil shaving Christmas tree. It does not have to be just green: multi-colored looks even more fun. Try to decorate it with beads or any other small details.

Another interesting tip is not to glue the pencil shavings completely, just along the inner edge to get more voluminous images. Perfectly obtained this technique you will be able to create floral arrangements.

From large pencil shavings, you can create a “real” rose.

Crafts of colored pencil shavings look like the texture of animal wool and especially bird feathers. Let’s be inspired by these beautiful projects to create a real masterpiece!

Also, it fits perfectly to express fish scales, this feature can be successfully used and inspire you to make something special.

This technique you can use for any projects even with boys. For example, a spaceship or rocket. And if you take a colored metalized paper it gives the work a festive mystery.

Do not think that this craft is interesting just for toddlers. Famous artists use the “waste” of colored pencils reaching truly perfect results. Look at the portraits of famous people by artist Kyle Bean (Kyle Bean).

With the shavings you can create magnificent ballroom dresses for princesses and beautiful ladies.

We wish you the inspiration to create something really great!

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An unusual painting technique on the surface of the water called ebru art, also known as “paper marbling”. It is completely different from the usual painting and at first glance, it seems like a miracle. Drawing in the Ebru technique is exciting and not so difficult task that perfectly develops not only fantasy but also a sense of color for kids. The interpenetration of colors makes it possible to obtain unpredictable ornaments that more resemble a pattern on natural minerals or the plumage of exotic birds than the result of handmade art. Do not think that this art demands special skills, take a chance and this hobby will color your life with new colors!

Ebru painting art is suitable at home for kids and everyone, this is an unusual fascinating form of creativity. Watching the mystical birth of images from colorful chaos is an indescribable pleasure. In addition, each resulting imprint of colorful patterns is unique and inimitable, like a pattern of lines on the fingers.

It gives your kids an opportunity to fantasize, also drawing, you will receive a huge incentive to improve your skills. Paper marbling is especially entertaining – having tried it once, you will definitely want to touch magic again. In addition, amazing results can be obtained from the first time – no special skills are required.

ebru paintingMarble painting, suitable for both people with expressive character and calm person –  everyone can find something for themselves in it. Perhaps the only category that should not enjoy ebru art is people with a pattern of thinking, accustomed to acting according to a predetermined plan and getting the expected results.

Ebru technique is not only art but also a recognized method of therapy. This is a kind of meditation, plunging into which the artist is completely dissolved in his work. This method is often used to reconcile a person with the surrounding reality, bringing harmony into his life.

Interacting with the constantly changing pattern, a person learns to live in an unpredictable world, accepting, and see the beauty in the most ordinary things and situations. In addition, colorful marble painting, like sand drawing, helps to overcome depression and to believe in our own strength.

Ebru – an ancient kind of painting. How to learn to draw on the water surface? We share the secrets!

For adults, this is one of the ways to relax and dive into the world of color, get a positive charge and a lot of pleasant impressions for a long time.

For children, ebru is an excellent tool for developing imagination, motor skills, and creativity.

It is amazing how unique pictures are created on the floating background – this is the underwater world with all its inhabitants, exotic birds, animals, butterflies, flowers and landscapes.

In the Ebru technique, special paints are used which do not mix with each other and the liquid, for transferring a drawing to paper or fabric. All materials for drawing are made from natural components which allows you to draw with children. Children who do not possess great skills in drawing are able to create real masterpieces in this technique.

In order to create a masterpiece, you need:

Ebru starter kit


  • low plastic tray; ebru painting pink
  • water;
  • carrageenan powder/ready-to-use  thickener;
  • paints for ebru ;
  • brushes and styluses(separate for each color);
  • a palette for mixing paints ;
  • paper (not glossy).
  1. Pour prepared liquid into the tray.
  2. Spray different colors of paint using a brush for the background of the future picture.
  3. With a special comb, sweeping across the surface, we create a unique pattern for the next drawing stage.
  4. Further, we use styluses of various thickness. Apply colored drops on the surface and stretch them into the desired shape.
  5. Using the color scheme for the pattern, we add elements, giving the freedom of our imagination.
  6. Next, take a sheet of paper to fit the size of the tray and gently cover the image with it.
  7. In a few seconds, you can see real magic. We slide the paper carefully to the side of the tray and here it is … A masterpiece is ready!

We hope you`ll enjoy it!

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Full-size drawing

Just to continue telling about useful kids crafts. Drawing with palms and fingers is very popular now, it is really a very useful activity, but quite often we limit our children within the frames of one album sheet or dry erase board. Children love grand scale, no wonder they tend to draw on the wallpapers.

You can minimize the effects of children’s activity by giving them a large area for drawing, such as a piece of old wallpaper, a drawing paper sheet, a large piece of wrapping paper or simply glued together ordinary sheets. It can be a fun family game.

We love to turn around on the floor and create – palms, hands, objects. You can leave traces of the machines with paint or put a stamp on the jaws, spray with a toothbrush, or even take paint brushes and rollers.

Body drawing

Next popular family activity and a real passion for children is to paint on their own bodies.
It is good to use a special body painting, but if it is not found, then watercolor, finger or gouache paints will do. Let the children paint on themselves and each other for their own pleasure. It is a great opportunity to entertain them, during the process kids are getting relaxed and expressing their creativity.

Everything is washed off in a few movements, but there is a lot of fun for children. Kids enjoy drawing on unusual spots. You can use the windows, you can draw with flush colors, it is especially interesting to create themed windows, for example, a winter or spring window. And in the mirror, you can trace your reflection with the same markers. Just as an independent creative process or a way to delineate the boundaries in other games.