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Unusual ways to attract more interest of your kid to drawing

In Arts and crafts for kids

Full-size drawing

Just to continue telling about useful kids crafts. Drawing with palms and fingers is very popular now, it is really a very useful activity, but quite often we limit our children within the frames of one album sheet or dry erase board. Children love grand scale, no wonder they tend to draw on the wallpapers.

You can minimize the effects of children’s activity by giving them a large area for drawing, such as a piece of old wallpaper, a drawing paper sheet, a large piece of wrapping paper or simply glued together ordinary sheets. It can be a fun family game.

We love to turn around on the floor and create – palms, hands, objects. You can leave traces of the machines with paint or put a stamp on the jaws, spray with a toothbrush, or even take paint brushes and rollers.

Body drawing

Next popular family activity and a real passion for children is to paint on their own bodies.
It is good to use a special body painting, but if it is not found, then watercolor, finger or gouache paints will do. Let the children paint on themselves and each other for their own pleasure. It is a great opportunity to entertain them, during the process kids are getting relaxed and expressing their creativity.

Everything is washed off in a few movements, but there is a lot of fun for children. Kids enjoy drawing on unusual spots. You can use the windows, you can draw with flush colors, it is especially interesting to create themed windows, for example, a winter or spring window. And in the mirror, you can trace your reflection with the same markers. Just as an independent creative process or a way to delineate the boundaries in other games.