Non-Newtonian fluid for children’s play

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The next fun and creativity crafts for kids using materials you have always at home is calling Non-Newtonian fluid.
Your kids or you maybe know something about this activity. A non-newtonian fluid is a great sensory play for your kids, it differs from classic boards games, but your kids will definitely enjoy this craft project. Non-Newtonian fluid for childrens play
By adding more water to the starch, we get a non-Newtonian fluid that hardens from a sharp and strong impact and flows when relaxed. In such a liquid it is very interesting to spit with your hands, and if you can, then with your feet.
How to make a mass of starch?
Pour water into a bowl. Gradually pour the starch into it. You need twice much starch than water.  Constantly mixing to homogeneity, adding starch until the mass is thick. You can check the readiness of the mass by hitting it with the palm of your hand. If the palm is not sinking, then it is ready. And now try to gently let the palm down into the mass, so palm sank. And if you again sharply slap it on the surface, then it will seem to you that you knocked on a dense body, and not on a liquid. Here is  solid-liquid mass.

You can tell the older kids a little about physics during the game. Such experiments will interest any child and draw his attention to science.