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How to make a sensory box? And what materials do I use?

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How to make a sensory box?

Sensory boxes consist of four elements: tray, filler, toys and “tools.”

Tray wooden box;

cardboard box;

plastic container or bowl;

wide and shallow saucepan;

plastic or metal pelvis;

inflatable pool

Filler beans, peas, lentils;

cereals (semolina, oatmeal, millet, rice, buckwheat, wheat, couscous)


pasta (gossamer, shells, tubules, spirals, bows, stars);

boiled spaghetti;

flour, potato or corn starch;girl with a box for sensory play1

nuts, seeds;

cocoa, coffee;


coarse and fine salt;

cones, acorns, chestnuts;

earth, sand, kinetic sand;

pebbles, stones;

hydrogel balls, or akvagrunt;


moss, leaves, grass, flowers, dried berries, straw;

snow (in winter), ice (at any time of the year from the freezer);

pieces of cut paper, paper napkins (whole, torn into pieces, crumpled up in the form of balls);

cotton wool, cotton pads, cotton balls;

cloth scraps;

yarn, thread;

foam pieces;



paper clips;

sawdust, nuts shells;



liquid soap;

shaving foam.

Toys animals;

cubes, balls, rings, rattles;

toy pieces of furniture;


dishes and household items;

toy food;

various boxes;

artificial plants

Tools spatula, scoop, rake;

can, bucket;

sieve funnel;

pear for water;

spoons of different sizes and types (for ice cream, for salad), ladle, skimmer;

forceps, tweezers;

cookie cutters, ice molds, muffins, various silicone molds.
plastic cups;

But do not hurry to leave the child alone with the box, even if it seems to you that you have already put a lot of effort into creating it.

Just show your kid what and how you can play, discuss different tactile sensations. You need to arouse the interest , to attract and show different ways to play.

And then make sure you gave him or her  time for a free independent game.